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SHOOTING WAR is darkly satirical graphic novel set in the near future about citizen journalism, cable news, social media, global conflict and the meaning of truth in a post-truth world.


The full-color hardcover book received praise from magazines, newspapers and websites all over the world, including Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, Wired Magazine, Financial Times and Publishers Weekly. It was featured on New York Magazine's Approval Matrix in the "Brilliant & Lowdown" quadrant and chosen by USA Today as their "big fall graphic novel." It garnered a worldwide cult following – and was even the subject of a very pretentious thesis by a PhD candidate at a prestigious university in Egypt. 

The book was also nominated for an Eisner Award and was named one of the 50 Greatest Graphic Novels of All Time by the Rough Guide to Graphic Novels. 

Shooting War cover.jpg

LES ARENES (French Market)
PONENT MON (Spanish Market)
ISBN (Italy)

Written by Anthony Lappé

Art by Dan Goldman

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